Member Of PASOK Commits Murder For 3 Million Euros To Silence Victim - NewsBomb Whopper-Shocker!

credit Newsbomb
A shocking report titled "PASOK Member Killed Marianna For 3 Million Euros" was published in the Thursday edition of the Newsbomb newspaper claiming that a leading PASOK cadre murdered Marianna Hronopoulou-Mavraki (who supposedly hung herself several years ago) for three million Euros in order to silence his victim because of money.

The investigation into her death was unfortunately shelved several years ago,(and then ignored), but the case is once again in the spotlight and the new evidence, if true, proves that she did not commit suicide as first thought, but that she might have in fact been murdered.

In fact the report quotes her lawyer as saying that the non-governmental organizations (NGO's) or "mafia" wanted to silence her about the donations that were given by Greeks in Greece, and all around the world, over the fatal fires in the Peloponnese in 2007.

There are many questions that have never been answered about this mysterious death, and till this day Marianna's family and friends have yet to receive realistic answers.

For instance who (or what force) stepped in and selected a doctor to perform the autopsy on the victim at a shady forensic lab in Ilia, and thus avoided this action being performed by the Patras Forensic Service which directly reports to the Hellenic Ministry of Justice?

Who was the mysterious businessman, or buddy to a local Greek Parliamentarian, who had developed a deeper relationship with her around the time of her death?

Why would she commit suicide without leaving a note, and why did authorities in the area rush to close this case making sure to convince all concerned that it was just a suicide?

(Question: Will the State label PASOK a criminal organization, throw its leader into jail and then begin arresting all of its members because of this murder, just like it did for other political parties?)


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