MEGA BOMB - Roupakiotis: Action Against Golden Dawn "On instructions from US & European Commission"

The case against the Golden Dawn party is becoming into a soap opera, and everyday we are discovering more and more puzzling information. One more hit came on Friday, and it is a MEGA Bomb! Speaking on SKAI television, former Minister of Justice A. Roupakiotis, and DIMAR MP (surprise, surprise), argued that the government received a command to take action against the Golden Dawn party from US officials and members at the European Commission! -He said this ON AIR - And he went a step further adding that there was even an attempt by the government to intervene in the work of the Greek justice system (in this particular case)! A shocking statement, but this also explains why the President of Judges and Prosecutors sent out a warning one day earlier to all concerned noting that the Greek justice system should be left alone to conduct its work, without the influence of the government and/or media.
     "Jewish American and Greek-American organizations were coming to Greece and pressuring (the government) about the Golden Dawn party. Clearly, this played a major role (in the action against them). Obviously the Prime Minister had to say something to them," said Mr. Roupakiotis, referring to the statements of the Greek premier earlier in the week which reassured these organizations that he would crackdown on GD.
     "On January 1, 2014 Greece assumes the presidency of the EU, and there was mounting pressure from the European Commission against the Golden Dawn party," added Roupakiotis.
Some reports on Friday claimed that specific advisers to the government, and those who permitted Evangelos -The Large- Venizelos to hammer down on this party, is based on his own personal strategy. And if true, then can we safely assume that these forces have promised something to Venizelos? Because it is clear that the case against the Golden Dawn party (guilty or not) is poor and lacks the evidence needed.

Is this just a smokescreen? Is it another game by Venizelos to begin eliminating his political opponents in a ploy to save his own party -which incidentally is bankrupt? Or is it because the Golden Dawn party filed a lawsuit a day before the arrests calling on the Supreme Court to investigate PASOK?

Who knows? One thing is certain, Venizelos is the eyes and ears of the Troika in Greece, and a favorite in Brussels, and for the European Commission to come out and make such a demand, then surely they have promised him something because he materialized on it.

Some may recall that Roupakiotis was minister of justice under the Samaras-Venizelos-Kouvelis coalition, but resigned after the fiasco with the controversial anti-racist bill which aimed at criminalising the genocides of the Asia Minor Greeks, and the Pontus Greeks.

If Roupakiotis' statements are true, and judging from the flood of reports over the last few days it seems like it is, then it is obvious that Samaras promised something to these groups. And we all know how the New World Order and the 1% works: It is always a "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours" understanding.

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