Kassidiaris' Lawyer Calls On Supreme Court To Investigate False Press Reports About GD Case

The face of ANT1 news show host George Papadakis was in disarray on Wednesday morning, when well-known criminal lawyer Paul Sarakis, who undertook the defense of Golden Dawn party spokesman, and MP, Ilias Kassidiaris, totally exposed the mainstream media when he revealed that the information that is being leaked in the news about the actions of Golden Dawn (such as that they want to bust into the Greek Parliament with tanks, or that they would used firecrackers on people) has no relation whatsoever with this case and is all false! Sarakis revealed that a major Athens news paper has been spreading this information to select reporters around the country, but the information has no relation whatsoever to the case and the so-called evidence presented by all these witnesses, is nothing but a pack of lies. He said he has been briefed by court officials that the information in the Greek press is false, and this is why he decided that it was mandatory to call on the Supreme Court of Greece to intervene immediately.
     "How is it that a specific newspaper (which belongs to a well known media giant) has depositions in its hands (or court documents) when the defence lawyers in this case do not?"
     "My formal complaint comes after the briefing I received from judicial authorities themselves."
He said that the evidence presented in the Greek press has no relation whatsoever with the case, nor have any of these depositions -and/or testimonies- been recorded by judicial authorities.
     "I repeat, classified judicial information is being circulated to specific journalists, and a specific newspaper and/or prosecution material. Are we living under a regime? Who is leading this action (referring to the falsified testimonies which have been published by specific press giants)? Who is intervening (in the work of the judicial system)? Who is making premature announcements (on evidence and testimonies that do not even exist)? These kind of actions do not occur in a democracy and in a republic that respects law and order."
In a play to defend his mainstream buddies, George Papadakis attempted to excuse the actions of his peers by insisting that the Golden Dawn party's ideologies are offensive but Sarakis quickly put him in his place by reminding him that the Greek democracy -and justice system- does not demonize people because of beliefs and ideologies, but only of criminal behavior.

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