In Memoriam – Captain William Edward Nordeen, United States Navy

In honor of our fallen: Captain William Edward Nordeen, U.S. Navy, was serving as the Defense and Naval Attaché at the U.S. Mission to Greece when he was murdered on June 28, 1988 by the terrorist organization November 17.
The 51 year-old U.S. Navy officer was driving in an armor-plated sedan near Athens when a car bomb was detonated next to him via remote control. He was thrown from the car and killed by the blast. Nordeen was survived by his wife, Patricia, son William E. Nordeen II and daughter Annabel. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. Captain Nordeen was one of five American embassy employees killed by the November 17 terrorist organization.
Savvas Xiros was convicted in the murder of Captain Nordeen, as well as in the March 13, 1991 murder of TSgt. Ronald Stewart, U.S. Air Force, who was serving at a Hellenikon Air Base in Greece, as well as attacks that killed eight other individuals. He was convicted for firing a rocket at the U.S. Embassy, for participating in 71 attempted murders (including an attack on a bus carrying U.S. military personnel), for 41 illegal explosions, and for 13 robberies and attempted robberies.

In Memoriam –  Captain William Edward Nordeen, United States Navy

“On June 28, 1988, U.S. Navy Captain William Nordeen, 51, who lived in the suburb of Kefalari, kissed his wife good-bye and walked out to his car. As he drove past a Toyota sedan parked down the street from his house, a bomb in the Toyota exploded, setting his car on fire and hurling his body into the yard of a deserted villa 45 feet away.”
Captain Bill Nordeen is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery