World Premiere for Makridis’ New Film “L” at Sundance Film Festival

Already boasting credits and an award for his “Last Fakir” short film, Babis Makridis’ first feature film “L” will have its world premiere at the 28th Sundance Film Festival from January 19 to 29, 2012. Thus, he will be the first Greek filmmaker entering the competition of the Sundance Festival, which screens independent cinema productions.
“We’re extremely pleased that L will receive its world premiere at the Sundance Festival. And it’s a joy we share with our collaborators, who stood by us from the start.” read the public statement following the news that L will be featured as part of the World Drama Competition Section, according to
After receiving positive reviews in its first screening in the Carlovy Vary Film Festival 2011, the film is one of many in a line of successful Greek productions and brings the Greek cinema once again to the centre of attention.
The script was co-written by Babis Makridis and Efthymis Fillipou. Fillipou has won the award for best script in Venice 2011 for his work in “Alps”, the latest film by George Lanthimos.
“L” is based on Yorgos Giokas’ idea “about a man who lives in his car”. He is 40 years old and although he does not have a lot of free time, he chooses to spend it with his family. He meets his wife and two children at a specified day and time in car parking lots. His job is to locate and bring the finest honey to a 50-year old man. A new driver shows up and the man gets fired. The man’s life changes and he finds it absurd that no one trusts him anymore.
The central character is played by Aris Servetalis, with Makis Papadimitriou, Eleftherios Matthaios, Nota Tserniafski, Stavros Raptis, Thanassis Dimou, Christoforos Skamnakis and Yannis Bostantzoglou also starring.
“L” was produced by Beben Films (with Amanda Livanou and Babis Makridis credited as producers) in coproduction with NOVA, Feelgood Entertainment, Top Cut, Modiano S.A., Dennis Iliadis, Efthimis Filippou, Yannis Chalkiadakis, Thimios Bakatakis, Yorgos Papadimitriou, Dimitri Papathomas, and the support of the Greek Film Center.
Thimios Bakatakis was responsible for the cinematography, while the film was edited by Yannis Chalkiadakis and scored by Coti K. The sound was recorded by Stefanos Efthimiou, the sound design by Costas Fylaktidis, the sets were designed by Dafni Kalogianni and the costumes by Dimitri Papathomas. Yorgos Papadimitriou is credited as line producer and Dimitri Chalkiadakis was the location manager.
“L” will be theatrically released in Greece in early 2012 by Feelgood Entertainment.

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