New Hellenic-American Organization Established To Promote Greek Issues

A new non-profit Hellenic-American organization was formally launched on Monday, January 23, aiming to organize the joint efforts of all Greek-Americans to promote Greek issues in the US.
The “Hellenic American leadership Council” (HALC) will focus mainly on grassroots outreach, citizen education, and extensive leadership training, in order to build a national network of Greek American citizen advocates from coast to coast.
HALC will utilize a national network of Greek-American community leaders who have distinguished themselves in American civic life to encourage an active form of citizenship.
Through its innovative leadership training curriculum, online advocacy tools, and national network, HALC will band together American citizens that are committed to the Hellenic and American ideals of democracy, rule of law, and philanthropy.
HALC’s Executive Director will be Endy D. Zemenides, from the government practice of Chicago law firm Johnston & Greene and Board President of HALC will be Alexis Giannoulias, former Illinois State Treasurer and 2010 U.S. Senate candidate, who expressed his excitement over being part of such an innovative organization.
The Hellenic American Leadership Council was established to chart a new course for the Greek-American community; to ensure the continuity of a distinct and distinguished Greek-American community; to promote a renewed commitment to civic involvement, human rights and democratic values in the United States and around the world; and to enhance the historic relationship between the United States and worldwide Hellenism.
HALC’s first initiative launched after its formal establishment concerns an online petition calling for all occupying forces to withdraw immediately from Cyprus. Backed up by a relative media campaign, HALC aims to put the Cyprus Problem and the tragedies suffered by Cypriots at the centre of international attention.
The petition can be found at
HALC’s website can be found at

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