Head of American Freedom Party Smeared by Mainstream Media

By John Friend
“I did not realize
that my nomination
as a delegate would
become an issue.”

The mainstream mass media is once
again attempting to discredit Donald
Trump’s presidential candidacy by
dishonestly tying him to alleged
“white supremacists,” a racial slur
regularly invoked by the controlled
media to demonize white people who stand up
for their own race.
William Johnson, a Los Angeles-based attorney
and chairman of the American Freedom
Party, known for his white nationalist views, applied
to be a delegate supporting Trump at the
Republican National Convention this summer.
After he was accepted as a delegate by the
Trump campaign this past Monday, a number of
corporate media outlets, including The Washington
Post, denounced him as a “white supremacist”
in an attempt to slander and marginalize
the leading GOP contender.
“I simply obtained an application to be a delegate
from a local Republican Caucus, and I completed
the application,” Johnson recently told
AMERICAN FREE PRESS. “I did not realize that my
nomination as a delegate would become an issue.
I thought that I could be a delegate and participate
in the political process as should be the right
of all citizens.”
Mother Jones, a leftist magazine and online
publication, published an article highlighting
Johnson’s selection as a delegate in early May, resulting
in the Trump campaign distancing themselves
from Johnson and blaming his selection
on a “database error.” Johnson has since resigned
as a delegate.
Johnson, as well as many other prominent
white nationalist spokesmen, has been a vocal
supporter of Trump for months now. He ran “robocalls”
in Iowa, Utah, and other states encouraging
people to vote for Trump in their state’s primary
election or caucus process. He has also appeared
on a weekly radio program with Rev. Ronald Tan,
a Filipino-American pastor who promotes Trump’s
presidential candidacy.
Johnson told AFP that it is unfair to fault the
Trump campaign for not vetting him.
“If I, myself, didn’t think I was an issue, it is unfair
to accuse the campaign of sloppy work in not
finding out about me,” Johnson explained.
“Frankly, I was elated to be listed as a delegate,”
Johnson noted. “I was going to try to be
mainstream and work to support Donald Trump.
However, when I saw the immediate maelstrom
from my being listed as a delegate, I determined
that the best thing to do for our country was to
resign as a delegate.”
One wonders if the violent, anti-American protesters
disrupting Trump rallies and assaulting
Trump supporters would be forced to resign as
delegates for either of the Democratic candidates
if their political views became publicly known?
It’s doubtful, given the current political climate
in America. Lauded as an “open” and “tolerant”
society, those espousing views that are pro-white
are clearly not tolerated or accepted. In fact,
shockingly, some commenters on the Post’s article
went so far as to claim that Johnson and others
like him should be jailed for their personal

John Friend is a writer who lives in California.

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