Donald Trump Just Another CFR Shill?

For those who somehow think that Donald Trump is an “outsider,” and therefore would overturn the political establishment if he were elected president, I believe you’ll be in for a very rude shock. Trump already has Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member advising him. In addition, he has named Richard Haass and Gen John Keane, both of whom are CFR members, as people he trusts

for national security and who he has called excellent. Former Vice President Dick Cheney, a former director of the CFR, and Newt Gingrich, a longtime globalist promoter, have endorsed Trump. In April, when Donald Trump unveiled his foreign policy ideas, only a handful of trusted advisors were invited to the event. They included Grover Norquist and Zalmay Khalilzad, both of whom are CFR members.Trump has also met with and paid his respects to Henry Kissinger and James Baker, both of whom are globalists. Also, Gingrich is supposedly on Trump’s short list for a running mate. Worst of all, last August, Trump met with Haass, the former president of the CFR and also a member of the Trilateral Commission, for a foreign policy briefing.

As the old saying goes, you show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are. Also, you’re known by the company you

keep. Hillary Clinton is a good friend of Haass, as well. She has appeared before the CFR numerous times and has written in Foreign Affairs, which is the journal of the CFR. Her husband and daughter are CFR members, too. Hillary isdefinitely a longstanding member of the New World Order. So people can pick their poison

between the lesser of two evils, if they choose to do so. To my way of thinking, it doesn’t really matter at all since the deck is stacked as it always is every four years in favor of the insiders. For my part, I’ll vote for Darrell Castle from Tennessee, the nominee of the Constitution Party, who was the vice presidential nominee of that party in 2008. Castle is 100% pro-life without

exceptions, unlike Trump, who would allow exceptions for rape and incest. He also would do away with the Federal Reserve and the federal income tax, withdraw all of our troops from overseas and mutual defense treaties, stop all foreign aid, and withdraw the U.S. from NATO and from the United Nations.

And unlike Donald Trump, who would use taxpayer money to partially fund Planned Parenthood as long as that money would not beused to pay for abortions, Castle would not allow one dime of taxes to go to Planned Parenthood, no matter how they would spend that money.



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