Afghani illegals rape fellow compatriot in Athens city centre

Another case of rape can be added to the list of crimes by non-Greek invaders in 2016. Two illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, had gotten drunk and raped a fellow compatriot of theirs (an 18 year old male) in the centre of Athens on Holy Monday. Similar events have taken place in refugee camps around Greece, as young girls and boys have become the victims of their own kin who are sexually abusing minors on an unprecedented scale.
We are often told by the establishment that crime is the result of poverty, and it’s understandable why someone who is literally starving would consider stealing a loaf of bread to feed his children. While we don’t deny there is some correlation between poverty and crime, the felonies committed by these illegals are not explained merely by financial hardship. The Greek state provides these invaders with accommodation and food, and with their designer jeans and iphones, they often have enough surplus income to splurge on nightclubs and drinking sessions. With all their basic needs met, how exactly does the media explain the Muslim rape trend? What financial inventive is there for someone to rape?
The fate of these rapists following investigations is also extremely unacceptable, as few than 500 invaders have been deported to Turkey at present, while we still have thousands arriving every week. Greece continues to downplay the use of deportations, as do most other EU countries, using excuses such as ‘bureaucratic difficulties’ as their main scape goat for keeping such undesirables in Europe.
All this goes to show that our authorities are simply spineless or incompetent, as the Gulf state of Kuwait has expelled up to 41,000 foreigners over the last 16 months alone. According to Al Anmpa newspapers, 26,000 of those where workers deported in 2015 (mostly from Asia), and another 14,400 were deported in the first four months of 2016 under an accelerated deportation program.
The majority of those deported simply had no legal residence, while others had been deported because they committed violations, including traffic offences (let alone rape!), all at the leisurely discretion of the Ministry of Interior officials.  
So how do the criminal governments of the EU justify ‘bureaucratic difficulties’ when Kuwait executes its own mass deportation program? Is there some sort of legal loop hole the Kuwaitis are aware of in international law that we don’t know? We suspect it’s less so ignorance, and more the fact the current invasion is an orchestrated attempt by the Brussels elite to replace indigenous Europeans with cheap 3rd world invaders.

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