Urgent Action Needed Now — www.hellenicleaders.com/NoTransferToTurkey

Please take 1 minute – it will not take you longer than that – to oppose the transfer of U.S. Naval War Ships to Turkey.
House leaders have attempted to effectuate this transfer without debate by putting it on suspension calendar during these final days remaining in the 112th Congress.
Please email your members of Congress IMMEDIATELY and oppose this bill.
You can send a letter of opposition by clicking this link: www.hellenicleaders.com/NoTransferToTurkey
To learn more about the issue, please read Georgia Logothetis’ post: http://hellenicleaders.com/blog/action-alert-stop-the-transfer-of-u-s-navy-ships-to-turkey/
Act now.  The vote may be as soon as tomorrow.
Endy Zemenides
Executive Director
Hellenic American Leadership Council
22 W. Washington – Suite 1500
Chicago, IL  60602

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