Pan-Macedonian Ass. Letter to Ministers and NATO Members

Nina Gatzoulis
Coordinator of the Committee of the
World Pan-Macedonian Associations

Dear Minister and NATO Member,

On the occasion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Summit in May 2012 in Chicago and due to the fact that one of the issues of discussion may be the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s (The FYROM) joining NATO, we are sending you an analysis of the misrepresented suitability of this country to be a member of the Organization that was written by an expert Balkan analyst, Mr. Marcus Templar.

We are highlighting the following themes that are contained within Mr. Templar’s “Skopje's NATO Adventures: A Conversation on Insanity and Megalomania: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Bribing its Way to Membership”

Stability in the Balkans is of utmost importance to Europe

Historically, the nationalism that is thriving in the Balkans has created either preconditions for war or, in some cases, was the reason for wars.  While the Balkans can be dismissed as “Yesterday’s War,” the underlying causes of the 1945-2001 upheaval remain as strong and as precarious as ever.

Stability in the region can only be achieved if all Balkan countries cooperate

When one of the region’s countries, in particular the FYROM, promotes hostility and inaccuracies in an effort to boost nationalism and advocates an identity, which one could argue is the result of euphoric recalls considering that in the last century their alleged identity changed four times, then the results of such activities can only be negative.

There is internal strife in the FYROM with its own minorities

The 2001 civil war between the Albanian minority and the Slav majority in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) demonstrate that the nationalism that has fueled the fires of this region for centuries were not extinguished or resolved by the 2001 events. Internal strives are still continuing currently.

The FYROM leadership does not
encourage good neighborly relations

The FYROM is a small country in the southern Balkans with serious external and domestic problems. It is the only country in Europe that fuels serious and entirely distinct conflicts in relations to its neighbors with no effort for immediate resolution.

There is no freedom in the basic human rights in the FYROM

For as long as the politicians sell their constituencies nonsense instead of the truth by forcing suppression of speech and press and other basic human rights through intimidation, the false concept of what democracy is will continue for the
people of the FYROM, regardless of social standing or ethnicity.

The FYROM promotes hostility and inaccuracies in an effort to boost nationalism

The political elite of the FYROM cultivated and still does so through the country’s
education system the idea of a “united Macedonia”. It banks on the mental condition of the Slavic population of the FYROM and its diaspora, not taking under consideration that their psychological instability could throw the Balkan Peninsula into a new bloodbath.

The FYROM does not fulfill the NATO preconditions and criteria

The FYROM does not meet any of the preconditions set by NATO and save for the exception of some troops that the FYROM sent to NATO’s International Security Assistant Force (ISAF), it does not meet any other NATO requirements, including a less than medium rated strategic

Included in this package you will also find a book titled “Macedonia-Evidence” that
contains a letter to President of the United States, Barack Obama that was co-signed by 372 (a number which increases with time) well-known scholars of Greco-Roman Antiquity from the best academic centers and universities around the globe. In this letter the academics and researchers unequivocally declare the Greekness of Macedonia and the Greekness of Alexander the Great, diminishing and erasing all unfounded and unhistorical claims by those in the FYROM.

Pan-Macedonian Association USA- Kostas Hatzistefanidis - President
Pan-Macedonian Association of Australia – Dimitris Minas - President
Pan-Macedonian Association of Canada-Haralmpos Moutousidis- President
Pan-Macedonian Association of Europe-Archimandrite Dr. Panteleimon Tsormpatzoglou-President
Macedonian Chapters of Africa-Amyntas Papathanasiou-President

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