Greeks Working Abroad Exempted From Presumed Minimum Income

Greek citizens that have permanent jobs (and residence) abroad are going to to be exempted from the presumed minimum income established for all Greek tax payers in a 2010 tax law, the finance ministry announced said in an announcement. The law has been amended with legislation attached to law 3943 passed in 2011. The change was made following letters of protest sent to the ministry by Greek employed in Germany, who were asked to pay additional tax for a 'presumed income' by the taxation office for Greeks abroad, in addition to income tax they had paid in Germany. Under the 2010 law, a single tax payer is assumed to have a minimum annual income of at least 3,000 euro, while that for a couple has been set at 5,000 euro. On this basis, Greeks living in Germany that had property in Greece or received rent from a property were required to pay tax on this minimum presumed income.

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